Statistical Inference Software

Statistical Inference Software SIP is an incorporated Finnish company, in operation from the beginning of 2006 and based in Raisio. With a unique new product Statistical Inference Package SIP for statistical inference we aim to achieve rapid expansion in the market of data analysis. We offer a quality software product and related services to a worldwide clientele. Our services include

  • Consulting
  • Lectures, workshops, and short courses.

Our expertise is related to statistical inference. Our product, Statistical Inference Package SIP, is a Mathematica package that applies to every area, where empirical data is gathered and based on that data inferences about the unknown aspects of the studied phenomenon are made. Thus SIP applies to Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Medical, Business and Finance, Social Sciences, etc. SIP is especially designed to be used by statisticians and teachers of statistical inference in analysis of actual data and for writing papers and course material about statistical inference.